I am an intuit/clairsentient living in Singapore, who is also a Belvaspata Grand Master, Spiritual Counselor in the Hakulit (an ancient Lemurian counseling technique) and certified Yogas of Illumination & Enlightenment instructor. I also do colour light therapy, am a certified Munay-Ki Rites Instructor and work intuitively with crystals and light language.

Along this spiritual quest, I have also been a Reiki and Kundalini Reiki practitioner. During a typical Reiki share, when it was my turn to give Reiki, my body started visibly vibrating and I began spontaneously crying. I couldn’t move my hands from the person I was touching until assisted. That night, my body hot, I lay in bed and felt distinct waves of energy washing up and down me from head to toe. I didn’t know what was happening and was later informed that my third eye must have opened.

I continued to vibrate noticeably for 3-4 weeks. A visit to a Past Life Regressionist catapulted me into the reality of past lives and the shadow self. Triggers in my environment caused me to regress spontaneously into visions of the past while doing every day things like watching a film or walking down the street. Repressed abilities arose – the ability to sense another’s emotions and the cause, the ability to speak to spirits, power animals, fairies and angels, the ability to sense malevolent entities on myself and others and pull them off, the ability to help spirits who approached me cross over into a light they saw behind me aided by an archangel…

I started to grow away from Reiki, not finding it to be enough for what I was experiencing. I began to speak a light language that I know is my own language from an ancient time many eons of existence ago. Shortly after, I discovered Almine, a Toltec Nagual, seer, healer and mystic who, existing in a state of Mastery, explores very deep cutting edge metaphysics and spiritualism.

The path I have been walking since then has opened my mind, heart and body to many profound truths. This discovery on a daily basis of the vast “unknown” & “unknowable” has allowed messages and blessings in my light language to come through and graceful healings to take place with the assistance of a multitude of angels and beings of the Hidden Realms.

We are all the One Life, interconnected, interwoven. In our true formless form we are eternal beings with no beginning and no end. For many reasons and through many cycles of life, we have forgotten this and from where we originated… the Holy Infinite Source of All.

It’s time to remember…