We each have a song to sing in this dance of life, where we express the beauty of the Infinite that resides within us. But many of us have forgotten this due to cycles of incarnations where old belief systems, memories of pain and other distorted emotions such as anger and fear remain unresolved.

When we start to understand how all life is connected, and start to gain awareness of our emotions, actions and thoughts, then we begin to return to that which is the real part of us, that which is of Source... perfect and incorruptible. We begin to express authentically, to seek to live in the moment not looking to the past or the future, not looking outside of ourselves for answers. We begin to find the stillness within us that allows us to know the guidance of the Infinite. We begin to trust in Life, in ourselves.

It is then we begin to sing the Song of the Self... and in singing our song we assist all of Humanity, the Earth and the Cosmos to sing theirs in harmony with us.